Armenian NGOs Online Visibility

Armenian NGOs Online Visibility

Internet is a powerful tool for all kinds of organizations wishing to make their mark on the world.  This is especially true for NGOs’ whose priority, among other things, is to spread ideas, initiatives, messages and awareness about various issues and topics of interest.  In order to mobilize the masses NGOs need to be accessible, and what better way to attain accessibility than through the internet and social media.  It is with this logic in mind that the TCPA TEAM decided to use an interesting method of gauging the activeness of the civil society sector in Armenia. While there are about 3500 registered NGOs in Armenia, this list has rarely been updated.  In the absence of an updated list, how do you measure NGO presence?  Our answer?  Google!

Our team went through the list of registered NGOs and ran them through the popular search engine to measure their visibility.  Do they have a social media outlet?  A blog?  Is their contact information available online?  Can we reach out to them in some way via the internet?  Perhaps they have been mentioned in a news article, where some of their more recent activities are described?  In short, the thought process boils down to the question, do these NGOs exist? Using what we like to call the “Googling Technique,” we arrived at the following preliminary results:  of the 3552 registered NGOs in Armenia, 973 have been mentioned in some way through media outlets, 767 are somehow contactable and a whopping 1812 are completely unavailable.

In an age where an organization’s online presence is heavily tied to its accessibility and activeness the “Googling Technique”  has revealed that more than half of Armenia’s registered NGOs lack a level of participation that necessitates the use of blogs or social media to spread ideas or awareness. As part of an ongoing study on the civil sector in Armenia, the TCPA team is currently undertaking a more in-depth study to measure levels of civic participation in NGOs. Check back soon for updates!


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