TCPA Produces New Study on Civic Activism in Armenia

TCPA team has completed its study on Civic Activism in Armenia. The manuscript is a product of a two-year research (2014-2016) conducted in Armenia, supported by the Academic Swiss Caucasus Net.
The study discusses the developing civic activism in Armenia. Focusing on the relationship patterns of non-formal (civic activists) and formal (NGOs) civil society actors, the study addresses both cooperation and tensions between the ‘old’ NGO sector and the ‘new’ civic activism elements of the Armenian civil society. Based on research methods including primary and secondary data analysis and case-studies of recent and largest civic activist campaigns, the study discusses the new internal dynamics and the impact of civic activism on the political culture of Armenia.

The authors of the study are TCPA Assistant Director Jenny Paturyan and Research Associate Valentina Gevorgyan. The contributing members’ team includes graduates of AUA’s Political Science and International Affairs program, and researchers from other Armenian higher educational institutions. The final manuscript of the study is available here.

The theoretical evolution of this study began in 2012 when the TCPA team took the lead to research the Armenian civil society. The findings produced in this manuscript are considered as a follow-up to the first study, and spread a larger view on the societal developments involving various civil society actors, with the main ones being civic activists. 

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