TCPA in Global Go To Think Tank Index Reports

The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) at the University of Pennsylvania conducts research on annual basis to recognize world’s leading public policy think tanks by highlighting the notable contributions these institutions provide to governments and civil societies worldwide. Ranking process of research institutions varies from year to year, in most cases however, it is based on open nomination process combined with panel reviews by experts from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. The criteria of think tanks’ ranking around the world include the quality and commitment of think tanks’ leadership, the staff quality and reputation, research and analyses produced, impact of research and programs on policymakers, and media reputation. It also includes instutions’ ability to bridge the gap between the academic and policy-making communities, policymakers and public, and the impact on society at large. TCPA at AUA has been ranked during consecutive four years with respective ranking: 2013 (30th), 2014 (19th), 2015 (22nd), 2016 (23rd) among the Central Asian Countries. The Global Go To Think Tank Index Annual Reports are available here.


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