The Turpanjian Center for Policy Analysis (TCPA) was established in 1995 by the AUA School of Political Science and International Affairs (PSIA) with the central mission of promoting knowledge and understanding through objective and independent research and policy analysis employing the latest methodologies. TCPA provides students and graduates with opportunities to participate in multidisciplinary applied research in a broad spectrum of contemporary social, political, and legal fields concerning Armenia. The Center’s long-term objective matches that of the School — to contribute directly to Armenia’s transition to a democratic state.

The Center’s long-term objective is to contribute directly to Armenia’s transition to a democratic state. The Center accomplishes this objective through its open door policy for all persons involved in Armenian policy-making processes and through its educational, research, and analytical activities, which as a by-product help introduce new research methods and analyses to experts and scholars in Armenia.

TCPA is a non-profit and independent organization and is supported through a major donation by the Jerry Turpanjian Family and subcontracts and grants from organizations such as the Urban Institute, Development Associates, the World Bank, and the United States Information Agency. The Center is a member of the Transition Policy Network, a consortium of research institutes in Eastern Europe and the CIS that collaborate on policy reform projects.

TCPA has become an academic meeting place that provides unique opportunities for the development of young researchers, both in and outside of Armenia, committed to making contributions to Armenian policy-making processes.

In Armenia, the Center has become known as a resource for a variety of policy issues. In its various projects, the Center is able to draw on expertise from the Graduate School of Political Science and International Affairs’ permanent and visiting faculty. In addition to its regular staff of researchers, the Center hosts Research Fellows and Visiting Scholars from both the United States and Europe. The Center hires students and graduates of the School as short-term assistants for research projects, thus providing opportunities for direct participation in western-style analyses and methodologies in the field.



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