Research in Progress


“Civic Activism as a Novel Component of Armenian Civil Society: New Energy and Tensions”

Academic research project funded by the Academic Swiss Caucasus Net

November 2014 – October 2016

TCPA has started a new research project, funded by ASCN, envisioned as a two-year follow-up to the study of Armenian civil society conducted in 2012-2014. The new study is focused specifically on interaction and mutual perceptions of NGOs and civic activists, placing these two actors into a broader perspective of Armenian political culture of participation and (mis)trust. The main aim of the study is academic however we believe this study can be of practical relevance for various civil society actors as well.

We believe the relationship between Armenian NGOs and civic initiative groups to be quite complex: there is both cooperation and tension between these two players. This is what our study will look at through selected case studies of civic initiatives, interviews and focus group discussions in addition to secondary data analysis.

Year 1 Research Findings Report


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