Armenian Civil Society After Twenty Years of Transition Policy Brief

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Is “Googling” a Technique?

WHAT THE INTERNET CAN TELL US ABOUT THE NON-GOVERNMENTAL SECTOR IN ARMENIA                     Abstract The paper presents and discusses a technique for assessing online visibility of Armenian NGOs. The technique was applied to map the Armenian NGO sector within the framework of a larger study about … Continue reading

Education in Armenia: A System in Transition

Education in Armenia: A System in Transition  Education is the foundation for a healthy and developed society, as well as a vital determinant of civic culture and participation in democratic politics. The sphere of education is emphasized by the Armenian government as one of the prerequisites for the sustainable development of the country, and the … Continue reading

Armenian NGOs Online Visibility

Armenian NGOs Online Visibility Internet is a powerful tool for all kinds of organizations wishing to make their mark on the world.  This is especially true for NGOs’ whose priority, among other things, is to spread ideas, initiatives, messages and awareness about various issues and topics of interest.  In order to mobilize the masses NGOs need to … Continue reading

Corruption in Armenia Before and After 2008: Increase or Decrease?

Corruption in Armenia before and after 2008: Increase or Decrease? The year 2008 was a turbulent one Armenia both in terms of politics and economics. Post-presidential election oppositional protests culminated in violence on March 1. The global economic crisis was having adverse effects on Armenian economy. How did erosion of political power and economic hardship … Continue reading

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