How Proportional Is The Electoral Rule Employed In Armenia? An Application of Gallagher’s Least Squares Index of Disproportionality

Representation of political parties in the National Assembly is somewhat skewed in favor of large parties


Corruption in the Armenian Judicial System

Corruption in the Armenian Judicial System This essay argues that there is a gap between written and practiced law, using some aspects of the Armenian judicial system as an illustration. It looks at the problem of corruption in two areas of the justice system: the judiciary proper (focusing on safeguards such as check and balances) … Continue reading

Corruption in Armenia: An Unresolved Problem

Corruption in Armenia: An Unresolved Problem Corruption is an age-old issue that surpasses any restrictions of time or place, and while it is generally argued that it cannot be entirely eliminated, there are constant efforts to substantially decrease it. Perhaps one of the initial challenges concerned with corruption is coming to an agreement regarding its … Continue reading

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