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Armenian Civil Society after Twenty Years of Transition: Still Post-Communist? Study

TCPA has completed its study “Armenian Civil Society after Twenty Years of Transition: Still Post-Communist?” funded by the Academic Swiss Caucasus Net (ASCN). The study discusses the communist legacy, trust toward the civil society sector, engagement and membership in the civil society organizations, volunteering, changes in the social and political environment of Armenia and more. This is a … Continue reading


Small State Studies: An Introduction to a Broad Research Agenda

by Béatrice Chahine, Robert Fullam, and Jenny Paturyan “Small states studies” is a collective term, used to denote a relatively new trans-disciplinary research agenda in social sciences. It encompasses political, economic, international, security, demographic and other areas of research focusing on states considered to be “small.” Those states are believed to possess some distinct characteristic and … Continue reading

How Proportional Is The Electoral Rule Employed In Armenia? An Application of Gallagher’s Least Squares Index of Disproportionality

Representation of political parties in the National Assembly is somewhat skewed in favor of large parties

Corruption Questions in Armenian Election Study 2017

In March 2017, prior to early April Parliamentary Elections in Armenia, TCPA conducted an Armenian Election Study. The purpose of study was to assess the voter behavior in Armenia. The study aimed at examining public perceptions and attitudes towards political processes in the country, with the overall aim of developing a “portrait” of a post-Soviet … Continue reading

TCPA in Global Go To Think Tank Index Reports

The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) at the University of Pennsylvania conducts research on annual basis to recognize world’s leading public policy think tanks by highlighting the notable contributions these institutions provide to governments and civil societies worldwide. Ranking process of research institutions varies from year to year, in most cases however, it … Continue reading

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